I feel Sexy

My heart full of leaves. I was invited to do a piece at this Bed-In. I thought about the bedroom, and what that place means to me. It is a private space where I am able to indulge in slow and gentle ritual. I often allow myself to feel sexy when I am alone, but not in the "high heels, red lips, perky tit's way", but my way. Feeling sexy for me is about the decaying smell of leaves. It's about my own smell mixing with my environment. Breathing deep and feeling my belly rise with the moment I have inhaled. The day of the performance I went into a hammock down Old Cutler with my friend Mauricio Abascal. He wanted to film me and my presence in this hammock. I used the time to feel sexy and prepare for my performance later that evening. I collected dirt, leaves, smail shells, branches and vines in a bag as I gently moved about the hammock. My movement with and in this place filled my body with a feeling of ripeness and fertility. Once the evening came and it was time to perform, I brought my bag of nature with me to the event. I also brought my journal and an aloe leaf. I sat on the bed and explained my intention to share what makes me feel sexy. I laid down and did some breathing. I then got up, took of my shirt and cut the aloe leaf open. I began to break apart the insides with my fingers and then smear it all over my exposed skin. I smelled my hairy arm pits and then rubbed it into the soft hair. I then read a list out of my journal. Things that hurt me:




self doubt




I then began to take things out of the bag. I started gently and eventually began to empty the bag with quick excitement. Eventually dumping the contents onto my head, rubbing the dirt in and rolling around on the bed. Completely immersed in enjoying myself, I ended the piece by saying: "I fucking love nature" 1098382_310587259085302_886137507_n 1185022_310587125751982_1224675798_n 1185290_310587225751972_1076297607_n

Here is what the artist organizers had to say about the event:

Jacqueline Falcone and Guru Rugu's Bed-In and Breakfeast

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 — 8pm-1:59am

Streaming Live! http://youtu.be/A6UVBiYUOpA

Hosted by Guru Rugu and Jacqueline Falcone in Guru Rugu's bed at Cannonball 1035 N Miami Ave., Ste 301 Miami, FL 33136

Watch it live from 8pm to 1:59am at http://youtu.be/A6UVBiYUOpA! Visitors will be permitted on-set from 8pm through midnight!

To finish up Guru Rugu’s summer residency at Cannonball, he will team up for one final event with local artist and hospitality-expert, Jacqueline Falcone, to facilitate a BED-IN & BREAKFAST!

Hosted in Guru Rugu’s bed at the experimental meditation center of los angeles (currently centered at Cannonball), and broadcast live on Guru Rugu’s YouTube channel, the 5-hour and 59-minute event will feature cozy, therapeutic performances, panel discussions, music, and more from a variety of local Miami artists. Participants will include Cristy Almaida & Shaun Wright, Kevin Arrow, Jenna Balfe, Domingo Castillo, Christina Pettersson, Liz Ferrer, Amanda Sanfilippo & Cara Despain, Magnus Sigurdarson, and surprise guest appearances!


8:00 PM — Jacqueline & Guru Rugu 8:30 PM — Kevin Arrow 9:00 PM — Jacqueline & Guests — hospitality panel discussion 9:30 PM — Magnus Sigurdarson 10:00 PM — Amanda Sanfilippo & Cara Despain — Scat Bath 10:30 PM — Domingo Castillo — UNKNOWN 11:00 PM — Cristy Almaida & Shaun Wright — Phantasmagoria 11:30 PM — Jenna Balfe — I feel sexy 12:00 AM — Liz Ferrer — ni se 12:30 AM — Christina Pettersson 1:00 AM — SPECIAL GUESTS! 1:30 AM — Guru Rugu & friends — Foot Massage Cuddle Puddle Summit-a-thon

** A Letter from the Presenters **

Dear Friends,

In 2013, Guru Rugu and I were so naïve to think that doing the BED-IN & BREAKFAST would help change the world. Well, it could. But at the time, we didn't know.

It was good that we filmed it, though, and broadcast it live on YouTube. It will be a very long and powerful film someday. What we say then could have been said long ago, or even now.

In fact, there are things that we and our many Miami artist-friends will say in the film, which may give some encouragement and inspiration to the artists and activists of today. Good luck to us all. And bon appétit.

Let's remember WAR AND DINNER AND SUMMER AND RESIDENCIES IS OVER if we want it. It's up to us, and nobody else. Guru Rugu would have wanted to say that.

Love, Jacqueline & Guru Rugu Miami, FL August 2013