despite their attempted selves

have smelly little legs with freckles and fur

I love them

and hate them when they don't want to share their love

push me out of the way, skip me in line, etc.

But the roses growing next to the church, behind the fence with a lost basketball next to them

smell so lovely

i think 

i would be brought to my knees

if my nose could reach through the fence wire to smell them.


Your smell like grass and skin


and embarrassing

when you sit down to poop

you are vulnerable

and i hate you

but if i were to lay down and just breathe

i might just fall in love

"Visions and Practical Realities" A conversation with Honorable Miami Mayor Francis Suarez

Hello All,

The Urban Environment League, a board I am on will be hosting this event on January 29, 2018!


Friends and Miamians!!!! Here is a great opportunity to get engaged with local politics. Let's not allow ourselves to feel hopeless, lost and confused by the current political stage. We can have an impact, we can be civil and engaged with people who both share and don't share our same views. We can be the example of who we want to see on the world stage!!!

Visions and Practical Realities copy.jpg