Jenna Balfe Jenna Balfe’s work is inspired by the earth's organic environment and human being’s resonance within the environment or lack there of. She is interested in creating expression that is meditative and lends itself toward promoting healing of psychic and emotional space while engendering community. In her work she addresses the philosophical quandary of Death Fear as postulated by theorists such as Carl Jung, Freud and Existentialist writers. She addresses the Western world’s obsession with youth, beauty and biomedical obsession with life prolongation in her work through the lens of the natural world, noting the beauty of decay and death cycles. She focuses on physical connection to self and other to bring attention to the importance of earnest empathic connection between people It is her own postulate that Death Fear engenders greed causing ambiguity as to what the purpose of being alive is, which Balfe argues is other people. The disconnect from self and other then disconnects us from environment. It is this cycle between, human death fear, lack of connection to self and environment that Jenna Balfe explores at different capacities and through different means in her work. She seeks to do her part by creating connections between performers that will provide a reflexive connection with audience members/viewers to inspire connection to self, other and environment.

ARTIST BIO: Jenna Balfe is an active dancer, musician, performance artist and teacher in Miami, FL. Jenna Balfe has a Master of Science degree in Dance Movement Therapy from Pratt Institute, New York. She also is the lead singer of the performance art no wave band from Miami, DONZII. She currently is teaching a creative movement class called Bodymovement at different locations in the community. Most recently she performed a snippet of her current work in progress "Transhunamism" at the International Noise Conference in February 2018 in Miami Fl. She has performed for Katie Stirman in her piece Holo premiered at the Here and Now Festival at Miami Light Project in April 2017. Most recent art work: "The Body is a Feeling" shown at Movement Research's Open Performance in February 2016, With Dennis Fuller, Cassie Mills and Josh Millrod. "View" was performed at Knockdown Center in Queens, New York in July 2016, with Misael Soto and Dennis Fuller. She recently collaborated with Elizabeth Hart and Naomi Fisher for the movement performance aspect of Fisher's work which was shown in the group show On the Verge of an Image: Considering Marjorie Keller in Los Angeles at The Gamble house, October 2016. She created original choreography for collaboration with musician LXV commissioned by Miami Music Club for Common Field Miami, also October 2016. Upcoming work in 2018, dance on film to be shown at Placeholder Gallery and live performance of this work in September. Jenna is a multidisciplinary artist using dance, music, video, performance and sculpture to express herself to other humans and promote healing connections between self, other and environment.




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