The Fort (A place to meet friends)

During Art Basel 2011, at the show titled: 3825 N.E 1 ave, curated by Bhakti Baxter,  Misael Soto and I embarked on a journey to make a warm place made out of found things (trash) for people to gather in. We gathered the materials from the surrounding area, mostly in a shopping cart bicycle built by a local artis Sleeper. We built a tunnel that guests would have to crawl at times to get through to the larger space. The tunnel was filled with interesting things to look at and play with, including an electric keyboard ( which some people did make music on). Once a visitor got through the tunnel they entered another room that was filled with sheets, posters, driftwood, scarecrows, christmas lights etc.Toward the back of this room was a ladder, naturally inviting a visitor to climb up. Upon arriving, the visitor entered our fort. Filled with pillows, snacks, a record player, finger paint, books about the cosmo's and Misael and I. We wanted to invite people back into that neutral space of childish play. Many visitors commente that they felt very welcome and at ease. A few people felt inclined to tell us very personal stories. Our goal was to make a space that forced people out of their adult Art Basel realities and bring them into a space where they hang out and play with each other. Press: See "Occupy Cave" at:

Misael Soto and Jenna