Object of Touch

A performance piece and video work for the show Emergency Contacts an exhibition curated by Placeholder Gallery and Jamieson Webster. Based on "Figure Out", a semi-fictional epistolary novel by Jamieson Webster and Marcus Coelen, published by Heinzfeller Nileisist.

Project 81

September 14, 2018 8pm

The body objectified is a vessel for communication. Object of Touch looks at the undeniable need all people have to communicate via physical connection. The body becomes an object in the out of doors organic environment. The piece explores this relationship between object and environment through the loving and palpable dance of touch between newlyweds, the gentle conversation between two dear friends and emotional violence represented as confrontation. The Object of touch explores emotional communication through movement and touch as a better bridge to connection than verbal communication. Objectification of the environment begets objectification of the self and each other. Set in the lush subtropical landscapes of South Florida, Object of Touch explores how we identify the emotional, physical and organic landscape while seeking to re-connect these aspects of being. 

The video is available for viewing upon request. Projection 8 minutes.

Natasha Velez was the dancer for this piece along with myself.

I generated simple movement gestures that involved physical connection in accordance to the tone of the verbal prompts:

“Hold my hands as though I am your Mother”

“Touch my chest as though you pity me”

“Walk with me in a lie”

“Embrace me as your lover”

Below are some photo’s of the performance that took place during the performance.

All photos by: Katz Hernandez

All photos by: Katz Hernandez