Help fund COMPANIES first performance in Grand Central Park, Miami

IF YOUR INTERESTED FUNDING WHAT IS WRITTEN BELOW PLEASE CONTACT ME: jenna.balfe at ( I wrote it this way to avoid robot emails) COMPANY - the companion to BODYMOVEMENT class will begin our exploration of movement within this politically charged "park". Built out of the rubble of the old Miami Arena- where Michael Jackson once performed, the land itself is charged with all sorts of energy. The people who commute through and live in this area range from: homeless folks, artists, party goers condo dwellers and beyond. A goal of our work is to speak to this complexity, relate our personal physical stories to those of the landscape and it's history. We are currently designing sculptures that are based on the movements made by the movers in relation to the landscape of the park. COMPANY is open to all whom are interested, but this membership requires dedication. The membership of Company currently includes photgraphers, architects, web designers, architects, environmentalists, politicians, dancers, actors, costume designers and more. Our production is currently set to happen in late April.