I have developed a dance company called “Company” which is the counterpart to the Body Movement class. It is a similar format, open to all whom are interested, but this membership requires dedication. The membership of Company currently includes photgraphers, architects, web designers, architects, environmentalists, politicians, dancers, actors, costume designers and more. All are welcome to join Company. Company is interested in creating happenings and performances mostly in the outdoor arena. Our first project is located on a politically charged site, a “pop up park” that has become “slightly permanent”, Grand Central Park located in Downtown Miami. It is home to our first piece that will last for 3 months, where we will inhabit a piece of land and translate the environment and our experience through movement and structures that will be built over time based on an organic process of observation and documentation. Come join us! Sundays at 1:00 pm at Grand Central Park, located at the corner of NW 1st Ave and NW 8th St (700 N Miami Ave) in the heart of Downtown Miami.

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