Flood Relief

Made a site specific dance for Misael Soto's public art piece Flood Relief. Sponsored by Miami Dade Art in Public Places. The piece explored the reality we Miamians face about sea level rise. During the days it was on view, I was operating these huge scary industrial pumps. They were spewing fumes, disturbing the bay and incredibly loud. I was wearing "classy clothing" looking like and art world operative. Misael intentionally was displaying these contradictions, along with the silliness of the band aid approach to this problem that Miami is proposing. Rather than look for ways to change the way we live, we opt to just pump the water that is contaminated by our own septic tanks back into the bay. 

When I performed in the evening, my body was filled with ire. I was upset with the capitalistic nature of everything. I wanted to express the scream of nature that I hear and feel on the daily. As I ride my bike, recycle, ride in a car, work in my garden, by sexy underwear, I cannot deny my time or who I am. In the performance I embodied the socialite, the art world queen, the punk, the dancer, the spirit rider, the homeless person. I moved with all of these people in me. At the end of the piece, when I was out of breath from running through the silly native landscaping "garden area" I felt relieved, but determined to do more.

Looking for way's to express this and create a ripple to move forward some kind of change is my goal.