Jenna Balfe is a candidate for a Master in Dance Movement Therapy from Pratt Institute, New York. Her work is inspired by the earth's organic environment and human beings resonance within the environment or lack there of. She is interested in creating expression that is meditative and lends itself toward promoting healing of psychic and emotional space while engendering community. To that end, she currently works at the non-profit Nature Links for Lifelong Learning that serves the population of young adults with developmental delays.

She also is in a band , Donzii as the lead singer (See link below) Most recent art work : "The Body is a Feeling" shown at Movement Research's Open Performance in February 2016, With Dennis Fuller, Cassie Mills and Josh Millrod. "View" was performed at Knockdown Center in New York in July 2016, with Misael Soto and Dennis Fuller. She recently collaborated with Elizabeth Hart and Naomi Fisher for the performance aspect of Fisher's work which was shown in the group show On the Verge of an Image: Considering Marjorie Keller in Los Angeles at The Gamble house, October 2016. Created original choreography for collaboration with musician LXV commissioned by Miami Music Club for Common Field Miami, also October 2016.

Jenna is a multidisciplinary artist using dance, music, video, performance and sculpture to express herself to other humans. Upcoming work in 2017, dance on film to be shown at Placeholder Gallery and live performance of this work tba.


Nature Links:


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    I make work to deepen my relationships to people, plants and the built environment.


    •  Miami Dade College, 2000- 2003 Associate in Arts of English

    • Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to adults 2006, Certificate
    • Hampshire College, 2007-2008
    • University of Massachusetts 2008-2010, Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and Movement as a Form of Healing
    • Skanda Yoga Teacher Certificate -2013, Miami Fl

    Selected BiBliography


    • Manifest Destiny - 2002- Curated by: Anat Ebgi                                                                                                                                                       with Janaina Vida Panconesi
    • “The Tourist” - Front and Center - The Box - 2003 - Solo performance piece
    • . “Red and Blue” - The Blue Show - 2003 - The Dorsch Gallery- Solo performance piece
    • “Ten Years” - 2004- Art show curated by Jenna Balfe - Commemorating Kurt Cobain
    • Swamp Thing - 2004- Winter Music Conference- Finnese and Runway
    • “Feelings” The Last Star Fighters- 2005 - Fundraiser for Interdisciplinary Sound Arts Workshop- performance with Mauricio Abascal
    • “Objects Found Living and Dying” - 2005- Bas Fisher Invitational - solo exhibition
    • “The Grotto” - Art Basel Miami Beach Artist’s Ball-  2007                                                                                                                             Performance piece by Naomi Fisher. I
    • “Of Sound and Vision”- 2008- Honor Roll Music - Curated by: Aja Luna Albertson - Videoart in collaboration with Mauricio Abascal
    • “100 Breaths”- 2009 -  Hampshire College - Dance Piece I choreographed - with Lily Gold, Mary Read, Sarah Blackwell and Mauricio Abascal
    • “Earth Intruders”- 2010- B.A Thesis Dance by Dana Albertson- Hampshire College
    • “ Salutations” - 2011- M.F.A Thesis Dance by Erin Christian Law- Smith College
    • “ Jungle Sweat Roseate” 2011- Art Basel- performance during opening of Naomi FIsher’s show at Vizcaya
    • “A Place to make new Friends” 2011- 3825 - Curated by Bhakti Baxter- Collaboration with Misael Soto
    • “Shimmer” 2012- Helped choreograph and performed in the TM sisters production debuted in the “Miami Made” show at the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, Miami.
    • “One Size Fits All, The Nightclub - May, 2012 -  A group exhibition curated by Bhakti Baxter for the nomadic art platform “The Nightclub” I contributed “butt paintings”
    • “Body Movement Project” Janurary 2012-current- I currently am teaching this creative movement class at the Legal Art Residencey through the artist run project the end/Spring Break, Miami.
    • “BodyMovement Workshop” at the Art Live fair September 27, 2012.- A series of workshops I held during this multi-disciplinary fair.
    • “The Possesion” A performance piece in collaboration with musician Otto Von Schirach. September 9, 2012
    • “Eat The Rest But Leave Me The Taste” December 6, 2012 - A Performace piece
    • “Being”, Fundraiser for The Miami Performance Festival, April 24, 2013 - A Performace piece with Misael Soto, Dylan Romer, Jacqueline Falcone, Daliahah Koller and Olivia Ramos Herrera.
    • “Death” The Jacqueline Falcone Bed and Breakfeast, June 14, 2013 - A performance piece/conversation in collaboration with Bhakti Baxter
    • “Dance-Non-Fiction”, June 30, 2013- The Miami Performance Festival- A dance about relationships with: Mauricio Abascal, Natasha Lopez DeVictoria, Oliva Ramos Herrera, Cassie Mills, Daliahah Koller, Jean Crystal and Natasha Velez
    • “I Feel Sexy” July 14, 2013 - Jacqueline Falcone and Guru Rugu’s Bed in and Breakfeastat Cannonball Artist Residence. Solo performance
    • “Spinal Tap” August 30, 2013- The Collabo Show, curated by Bhakti Baxter. A movement and multi media collaborative performance with Magnus Sodamin, Katy Cora Stirman and David Alexander Bennet
    • “Rainbow Butt Relay Race” September 12, 2013, A performance event which occurred at the after party for the Tm Sisters solo show at the David Castillo Gallery.
    • "Pattern Formation in Nature Lecture" October 5, 2013- Movement Performance  with Pebble Yaffe and Monica Userisowitcz at Gallery Diet, Miami, Fl
    • "Reflexion/Live" INDEX Performance Festival at the Museum of Modern Art in the Dominican Republic. A solo performace