The piece is a response to past collaborations that Jenna had with Misael. The work is about relationships. The two movers, Jenna Balfe and Misael Soto are best friends and past lovers. The musician is the current fiancé of Jenna. The development of the piece feeds off of these connections. It informs the language of the movement. Jenna has performed for Misael in several different pieces of his. Of mention was the performance at The Artists Ball at Vizcaya during art Basel 2015. In this piece Jenna along with other performers took turns performing different actions throughout the garden. The actions were: 1. To dress as a gardener and plant and re-plant a rose bush in the gardens. 2. To swim out to a coral sculpture of a boat in the Bay and lounge/exist on it as though it were a private paradise. 3. To walk about the house and inner garden with a sense of ownership and to engage with off beat objects and details with the weight of the performers presence.
       In this piece Jenna experienced the space in a way that was empowering. By being given "permission" to be fully present and contemplative in public while also acting under the premise that Vizcaya was hers, she settled fully into her skin.
In particular the witnessing/viewership given by Misael, gave her a feeling of being well reflected and thus able to more deeply engage. This manifested as she would draw people into her viewership and experience of Vizcaya, as she felt her power.

The piece looks at the difference between the role of witness and viewer. Exploring the roles we take with people that we are close to us in our life and the delicate balance of acceptance and influence. The environment in which this conversation takes place will also be considered, as this informs the act of being present.

     The musical component helps Jenna and Misael to remain present and in the space that they are actually performing in. The music is ambient in nature and allows the two to enter the next stage of their exploration.
      In these violent times, coming together is what is needed. Witnessing someone for who they are pure and simple, can invite them into a space of peace.