The Body is a Feeling

  The Body is a Feeling is a process of discovery for each person in the piece and for the group itself. The body holds memories from this life and the entire story of humanity in each individual's bones. This work explores group members relationship to each other and the collective unconscious.

This project was created to form a therapeutic community with the intention of creating a performance as a manner of exploration into our shared consciousness. We are a group of focused musicians and dancers. The group meets weekly and is guided through different process oriented practices based on contact improvisation, authentic movement, meditation, improv( music/movement) and verbal processing and sharing. Through these exercises we are finding a language that is common between us but also larger than what our group can contain. Our practice of going into ourselves and then reflecting each other allows us to become more of ourselves. There is a sharing of disciplines, music and dance that enhances our seeing of eachother in this space. The co-creation of language that occurs through our shared practice  becomes the choreography. The choreography is built chronologically, based upon the outcome of each weeks meeting. This continuation of the conversation parallels our lives journey together. It also speaks to the belief in the collective unconscious, and our faith in the serendipity that guides the work toward revealing our place in the conversation.

Performed at: Movement Research at Edens Expressway during their Open Performance on February 22, 2016

Dancers: Cassie Mills and Jenna Balfe

Musicians: Dennis Brewster Fuller and Josh Millrod

Photos by: Dion Kerr


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