Objects Found Dying Trying to Live Again (2005)

  This was my first solo art show. The premise was that I would take really long walks or canoe trips around Miami and collect objects that were discarded and then turn them into objects of art over the duration of a month. At the end of the show all of the objects, no matter how desired they were, were to be returned to where they once came (the trash) to continue their journey into pleasant nothingness. This was a commentary on the art object as sacred as well as making a subtle point about the beauty of death. I also made a video for the show and had performances occur during the month I was in the space and at the opening and closing. Dancer Marie Bandres created a piece for the opening and artists Bhakti Baxter and Jay Hines gave a musical performance. Please see website below for more photo's

press: http://www.basfisherinvitational.com/Jenna-Balfe