Jenna Balfe was born and raised in Miami Fl. She attended Miami Dade College where she began to become interested in Dance, Poetry and Performance Art. After this she moved to Spain to become an English teacher and then to Massachusetts to finish her Bachelors degree. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a B.A. In a self created major titled: Environmental Studies and Movement as a form of Healing. Jenna has danced for choreographers such as: Erin Law, artist Naomii Fisher and The ™ Sisters and New York based Team Ohh. Jenna has shown at local galleries such as Dorsch Gallery (Miamii), The Bas Fisher Invitational (Miami), The NightClub (Miami) ,Baxter Studio’s (Miami) and created a piece for the recent Downtown Art Days for the art collective Southernmost Situations with Otto Von Schirach. Her most recent project BODYMOVEMENT is both a class and a dance company called COMPANY.  Initially facilitated by the nomadic Miami art collective The End/Spring Break, Jenna currently organizes the class and company herself. Thus far, COMPANY gave workshops and performances at the 2012 Art Live Fair in Miami, performed during Art Basel and currently in the process (which also is the work itself) of creating their first production in Miami's first temporary park Grand Central.